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Native and Ornamental Planting

Plantings were used to create vegetative walls and columns around this new courtyard.

A mature witch-hazel was pruned and plants were added to the garden, creating a lush, natural border for the new patio space.

This dry creek bed serves as the organizational framework for the plantings in this large front yard, leading your eye through the space. It doubles as drainage for the area.

Low maintenance plantings create privacy for this tranquil seating area set against the peaceful trickle of a new fountain.

Native and Ornamental Planting

Native and Ornamental Planting Planting, whether ornamental or native, is the icing on the cake of your project – and has the ability to completely change to look and feel of your property. At Urban Oasis, we strive for a mix of evergreen and deciduous plants so that your garden looks great year-round.