3 Ways to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

Apr 29 2015

3 Ways to Make Your Garden More Sustainable

A garden doesn’t have to just be about producing and maintaining a small crop – a backyard garden can be a wonderful paradise-like retreat and an essential part of your home. In building your ideal garden space, there are many ways to approach it. You may want a modern look with sleek stone pathways and sitting areas or a more lived-in, traditional look. Regardless of your aesthetic tendencies, you can strive to make your garden more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Here are three ways Urban Oasis can help.

1. Reuse Existing Materials

Urban Oasis can help to repurpose some of your existing materials on site.  Salvaged stone or reclaimed bricks can add a stunning effect to garden pathways, ledges, steps, or half-walls. Reclaimed wood can be used for fences, posts, or sitting areas and end tables, but looking for other elements that could potentially add personality to your garden is the key to a unique space.

2. Go Organic

Organic gardening has entered the mainstream, so if you want to maintain a small crop of vegetables or spices or just keep a planted area healthy, there are more reasons than ever to consider organic gardening methods. Harmful herbicides and pesticides don’t just affect the quality of the food you’re growing, they can have a negative impact on the soil in ground. It’s no more difficult by comparison (people did it for thousands of years, after all), and it’s better for your family and your soil – so why not?

3. Select Drought-Tolerant Plants

Drought-tolerant plants use much less water compared to other popular landscaping plants. This will reduce your water use and the energy required to keep up with your yard. Also, if you opt for a mixture of grasses and clover (like “Ecoturf”) to replace your lawn, you can eliminate mowing and reduce your sprinkler use at the same time.

For landscape inspirations and ideas, check out our gallery or give us a call for a free one-hour in-person consultation on how to transform your outdoor space into a more livable and inspiring extension of your home.

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