4 Great Outdoor Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

Apr 15 2015

4 Great Outdoor Upgrades You Can Do Yourself

A complete outdoor makeover is a big investment, but homeowners who put the money and effort into a backyard remodel see big dividends in their home’s resale value and their overall enjoyment of their outside space. However, not every home needs a major landscape design refresh – sometimes small changes pay off, too. Here are 6 great outdoor upgrades you can do on your own:

1. Spruce Up Your Entry

A door is the first thing neighbors and passersby notice. If your door is a little shabby or old, add some natural elements to your home’s approach and entryway to make it more welcoming and inviting. Vary the sizes of plants and keep an asymmetrical look to really draw the eye.

2. Invest in a Picnic Table


Eating outdoors is a wonderful experience, especially during the summer. If your family plans to spend more time cooking and eating outdoors, you owe it to them to improve the eating surface and dining areas. Spend a little extra money on a picnic table or outdoor table and chair set to give everyone just one more reason to stay out of the house.

3. Add Additional Lighting


With additional outdoor time, you’ll want to add a little more lighting to your home’s exterior. Solar yard lights can add accent to your home’s natural elements or highlight the more striking features of your home’s construction. And since they require no maintenance, there’s nothing extra to worry about once you’ve installed them. It’s the easiest upgrade you can do.

4. Cover Things Up


Your patio or dining area will be the centerpiece of your yard this summer, so why shouldn’t you keep your guests cool during weekend barbecues or the kids’ pool parties? Add a covered awning or canopy structure and everyone will appreciate the respite from the hot sun.


For something a little more substantial and much more memorable, a professional landscape architect’s touch is needed. Urban Oasis has helped homeowners around the Puget Sound find more and more reasons to spend time outdoors during the summer months with beautiful water features, outdoor fireplaces, and natural elements that blend perfectly with a home’s aesthetic. Give us a call to discuss your next outdoor remodel project!

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