4 Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

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Dec 02 2015

4 Outdoor Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Once considered a luxury item only available in custom-built homes, outdoor kitchens complete with stovetops, refrigerators, and even pizza ovens are becoming more common and affordable as the housing market continues to improve. Homeowners looking to extend their time outdoors and improve the value of their property at the same time have few options as functional and rewarding as a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen. Looking ahead to 2016, we expect to see these outdoor kitchen design elements to catch on and influence future remodels throughout the coming years.

Built-In Aesthetic

While we’ve already seen homeowners opting for more streamlined, uniform designs to their outdoor kitchen spaces, we expect to see even more appliances, cooking equipment, and storage spaces built into counters and dining areas in our outdoor kitchen projects. The appeal is understandable, as discrete refrigeration units and cooktops don’t just look great from the outside, they help keep your entire outdoor kitchen arsenal neatly organized and within easy reach.

Duel-Fuel Hybrid Grills

Let’s face it: if you’re considering an investment in an outdoor kitchen, you appreciate the difference in flavor a charcoal grill can bring to the dining room table. However, charcoal isn’t always the best choice for some dishes that are better suited for gas grills. That’s why we expect homeowners to invest more heavily in dual-fuel hybrid grills that provide the convenience of a gas grill with the ability to burn charcoal on the other side in order to get the most out of their grilling experience.

Pizza and Tandoor Ovens

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits are a great feature of any backyard experience, but to truly set your outdoor kitchen apart from the rest, you’ll need a feature that you can’t find indoors. A custom pizza or tandoor oven will add value to your home and provide a unique, tasty alternative to the typical outdoor grill fare.

Secondary Features

Creating an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful addition to any home, but you can further extend your time spent outdoors with secondary upgrades like a covered area, outdoor speakers, and even a cocktail bar. Your imagination is the limit, but we predict homeowners with an existing outdoor kitchen and dining area will want to improve on those spaces in the coming year.

Ready to spend more time outdoors and increase the value of your home at the same time? Contact the team at Urban Oasis Design and Construction to learn more about our work and to schedule a free consultation on your outdoor space.

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