4 Winter Critiques for Your Outdoor Areas

Dec 21 2015

4 Winter Critiques for Your Outdoor Areas

December has arrived in force and homeowners have likely fully migrated indoors for the season, but forward-thinking Seattleites can get a head start on their home improvement projects for the spring by first taking a hard look at their existing space and critiquing its strengths and weaknesses before warm weather returns.

1. Overgrown, Classic, or Modern?

While some may say style and aesthetics should come near the end of the planning process, establishing some design priorities as you get started can help both you and your landscape architect stay on the same page throughout. Whether you opt for a classic look or a rustic, overgrown appearance, you’ll want to set some guidelines in order to better communicate your ideas for the project.  Winter is a great time to assess if there is a good balance of deciduous plants that look like sticks in winter and evergreen plants that maintain their leaves throughout the year.  No matter what your aesthetic, a garden with at least 50% evergreen plants will be most pleasing throughout the year.

2. What Are My Primary Requirements?

This seems like a simple step in the outdoor remodel process, but it is important to give some serious thought to what you actually want from your outdoor areas before you begin making decisions. First, assess key aspects like your outdoor cooking and dining areas, pathways, and borders: what do you want to expand on? What might you replace or readjust? Be realistic with the major improvements you want to make and the smaller details will follow.

3. How Many Improvements Can I Make Before Things Get Cluttered?

Which brings us to a major factor for many homeowners who have small or cramped outdoor spaces: over-cluttering. You may have the temptation to add as many upgrades and additions as possible for your space, but a little restraint and guidance goes a long way. Again, prioritize your desired improvements and consult with a skilled landscape architect to properly evaluate your space.

4. Do I Want to Incorporate a Water Feature?

Water features are beautiful additions to any outdoor area, but depending on the size and scale of the piece, a lot of extra planning may be needed. Determining whether or not you want to add a water feature and what type you prefer for your space can give your contractor enough time to properly design and plan the water feature before they break ground.

To get a head-start on outdoor remodels for spring 2016, contact Carrie at Urban Oasis for a free one-hour consultation on your outdoor areas.

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