7 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Outdoor Party This Summer

Jul 12 2015

7 Ways to Throw the Ultimate Outdoor Party This Summer

The mercury rises, days get longer, and people magically appear in your backyard – we’ve all witnessed this summertime phenomenon. With wonderful weather and relaxing outdoor conditions, it’s not a surprise that so many people spend the majority of their summer evenings enjoying a glass of wine and good company in their own backyards. That being said, the same old, same old backyard barbecue setting can get old fast. Here’s how to spice up your outdoor parties this summer and attract friends and neighbors to your space. 

1. Add Ambient Lighting

Stringing lights above your outdoor seating area or awning allows gentle nighttime lighting without being too overbearing. There are some solar-powered options available that will turn off during daytime and charge for later in the evening. It’s a great way to keep things in focus as the sun slips behind the horizon, plus it’ll give you a better view of your backyard while you’re indoors.

2. Don’t Forget About the Front of the House

If you’re welcoming guests as they arrive, why not provide some casual seating along the front side of your home? Consider expanding or opening up your front porch or deck to allow a quiet seating area while the action happens behind the house or for another reading nook in the shade.

3. Extend the Bar

The last thing people want to do during an outdoor party is have to keep making trips indoors. Invest in a bar cart or consider building one into an outdoor kitchen to show off your bartending abilities and entertain guests at the same time.

4. Provide Variety

The key to an outdoor party isn’t just in the execution – you need a variety of activities for guests to participate in. When considering an outdoor remodel or renovation, think about how you’ll use the space you have when it comes time to invite the guest list. Your food preparation area should obviously be separate from the badminton or bocce ball section, but you’ll also want to provide an area for casual conversation and any impromptu dancing that can and will occur.

5. Keep it Cool

If you don’t have a lot of natural shade on your property or are still waiting for those plants to mature, adding in a partial or full canopy will keep the rays off your guests during the daylight hours. Canvas and wood make for a natural aesthetic, but don’t be afraid to work in some natural elements like vines or small hanging plants if it better suits your home.

6. Cook Outdoors

This is a must for any outdoor party. Whether it means you’re roasting hot dogs on a fire pit or making pizza in your new outdoor pizza oven, everyone agrees that food tastes better outdoors. No matter how old or dated your home is, you owe it to yourself and your guests to add an outdoor cooking area to your existing space.

7. Introduce Some Water

A gentle stream along the border of your property or a small fountain will add ambience, sound, and light to your outdoor space, regardless of its size. Water features allow for a lot of creativity in the design process, giving homeowners and their landscape architects a lot of room to work with. A large reflecting pool provides a serene experience within walking distance of your home, while a bright stone fountain may provide much-needed color and a welcoming feeling to your backyard.

Ready to upgrade your outdoor space and create the ultimate backyard party space for friends and family alike? Give the talented landscape architects at Urban Oasis a call. With a complimentary consultation period and a highly involved design process, we promise to help you create an outdoor space that will leave your guests in awe. Contact us today!

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