A Tale of Two Patios in Bellevue, Washington

Aug 06 2018

A Tale of Two Patios in Bellevue, Washington

Urban Oasis had two clients in Bellevue, Washington that wanted updated patio spaces.  They lived in the same neighborhood with similar unfinished backyards, giving us workable blank slates in both cases.  Both clients wanted to complete the project within a realistic budget. Although these clients had a similar need for outdoor entertaining space, their styles and specific goals differed greatly.  Urban Oasis used each client’s feedback during the design phase to create two unique spaces based on very similar functional goals.

A Cozy and Rustic Patio Completed

A Cozy and Rustic Patio

A Textured and Expansive Patio

A Textured and Expansive Patio

Project Guidelines


“Cozy, Rustic Patio”:

  • Create an outdoor space that reminded the owners of their Montana roots
  • Create two rooms – a living space and dining area – within the patio
  • Include ample heat for three-season use without a covered area
  • Address privacy issues around the patio

“Textured, Expansive Patio”:

  • Create a clean, modern space across the entire back expanse of their home
  • Design multiple intimate spaces within the patio area
  • Include a fire pit for ambience in a comfortable gathering space.
  • Upgrade the open lawn for play and add planting for privacy.

Design Solutions

Details including a rough-hewn trellis, handcrafted mantle, ledgestone masonry, and bluestone paving come together to set a rustic tone for this space.

The lawn area was redesigned to add sweeping curves. Existing, mature planting was supplemented with new foliage to add color and texture to the overall composition.

A variety of heat sources – a wood-burning fireplace and four Infratech heaters – combine to allow for three season use of the space.

A Textured and Expansive Patio

Two colors of concrete slab pavers were used to create borders and infill areas that feel like modern rugs within each space, giving a clean, modern feel to the patio spaces.

Bluestone paving leads the eye to the living space around the fireplace while a neutral palette of concrete pavers define the dining area.

Three unique spaces were created within the larger patio area using paver patterns, seat walls and large, colorful planters

Siting of the spaces makes use of existing, mature vegetation to maximize privacy and integrate the patio areas with the landscape.

A long, rectangular fire pit with a built-in seat wall was designed as a focal point, adding to add warmth and ambience to the patio and to views from from inside the home.

At Urban Oasis, design is a critical part of each project; however, our projects would not be successful without skillful installation and craftsmanship. We are often asked if our crews did the stonework or if we hired masons – we reply that many of our crew members ARE skilled masons … and carpenters. The careful, detailed construction of this fireplace and trellis, including its beautiful masonry, is what made this project sing.


At times, our belief in design as a key part of a project can drive our installation crews a little crazy. It is incredibly difficult to cut a perfect circle into a patio made of 2’x2’ pavers and then infill with a herringbone pattern. Kudos to our crew for bringing this design into reality!


In summary, each of these designs began with a conversation with the homeowners. While both clients had a similar scope of work and some shared priorities, it was their input that inspired everything from the layout to the design details. As a result, each space is completely unique in style and composition.

Please contact us today if you are interested in exploring ideas for a new landscape for your home.

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