Designing Pet-Friendly Landscaping for Your Outdoor Space

Jan 16 2016

Designing Pet-Friendly Landscaping for Your Outdoor Space

When planning an outdoor remodel project, it’s important to consider the ways in which your area will be used by the inhabitants of your home – and that includes your pets. Few homeowners consider the aspects of their landscaping as it concerns their animals until it is too late and they’ve destroyed or damaged a certain element of it. When you’re ready to commit to an outdoor overhaul and want to ensure your pooches are safe, comfortable, and have room to roam so you can enjoy every aspect of your outdoor time to the fullest.

Use Pet-Friendly Materials

Soft, durable concrete, brick or stone pavers are ideally used as pathways, as they’re easier on your pets’ feet than something like aggregate. If you’re planning a potty area, be sure to use organic cedar or pine chips in case your dog decides to make one a chew toy. ¬†Artificial dog turf is also a good solution for training your dog to use a specific part of the yard.¬† Furthermore, avoiding sticky, thorny plants and rough or cracked paving materials to keep your dog prancing happily around your backyard and away from the vet.

Design with Dogs in Mind

If you plan to have a garden in your yard, raising it or fencing it off is a good way to establish boundaries for your pets and keep them from doing their business on your vegetables. Pool owners or those looking to install water features should ensure they incorporate gradual steps in case your dog falls in or gets adventurous.

If you want to divide certain segments of your yard to pet-only or human-only, establishing a combination of either natural or artificial barriers is a good start. You can keep your dog’s “business area” out of sight with a few shrubs, bushes, or a small fence and prevent them from entering your outdoor cooking area with similar features.¬† Invisible fencing can achieve this as well without being an eyesore.

Give Them Their Space

Dogs who like to dig should be given their own area with soft, loose dirt or sand to bury toys and bones to their heart’s content. Otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll come home to unwanted holes or foreign objects in your garden and flower beds. It also wouldn’t hurt to rethink your perimeter fencing and add a few upgrades so your animals won’t escape your yard.

Unlock the potential of your outdoor area and achieve that perfect relaxation area for both you and your pets by contacting the landscape architects at Urban Oasis! In just a single complimentary one-hour consultation, we can assess the strengths and weaknesses of your outdoor area and begin planning an outdoor remodel to last a lifetime. Give us a call today!

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