Improve Your Home’s Value with an Outdoor Remodel

Jan 30 2015

Improve Your Home’s Value with an Outdoor Remodel

When it comes to selling your house, anything you can do to make improvements to the property will add credence to your higher asking price. Families often cite master bedroom and bathroom remodels as their first priority and they do add significant value to your home, but kicking things up another notch and focusing on the outdoor aspects of your home could set yours apart in a competitive market. Here are some ideas for an outdoor remodel that will add lasting value to your home:

Add an Outdoor Kitchen
There’s nothing better than eating outside in the summertime, so why not cook outdoors too? Adding a functional, beautiful kitchen will draw family and friends towards your outdoor space and liven up your property. Consider your space and how much room you have available, because you’ll need an outdoor dining/socializing area as well.

Install an Outdoor Bar or Pizza Oven
If you don’t quite have room for a full barbecue and food preparation surface and still want to get in on the outdoor dining experience, adding a wood fire pizza oven or small outdoor bar could be the answer to your space constraints. These tend to take up a significantly smaller area than an expansive kitchen construction, but they’re just as fun and functional.

Create a Water Feature
Reflecting pools, fountains, or artificial streams are incredible methods of beautifying a home. The sound, light, and water will aid the rest of your outdoor design and help boost the environment of your backyard.


For some inspiration or to see some of our work, check out the portfolio page or contact Urban Oasis for more information about our services.



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