New Year’s Resolutions for Improving Your Outdoor Space

Jan 02 2016

New Year’s Resolutions for Improving Your Outdoor Space

New Year’s Resolutions are notoriously ineffective and often too pie-in-the-sky to stand any real chance of coming to fruition, but that doesn’t mean you should begin the New Year without a few goals in place for your home. If you’ve spent another summer disappointed in your outdoor areas, planning for the next remodel season with some resolutions in place can help speed up the process so you can enjoy your home all year round.

Commit to a Concept

It is important to set some absolute must-haves for your outdoor spaces prior to meeting with a professional.  This will make your collaboration with a landscape architect more productive in realizing your vision for your outdoor remodel.

Prepare Ahead of Time

There’s plenty of work to be done before an outdoor remodel project can get underway. Tidying up your outdoor storage space to make room for material preparation, new landscaping features, and recreational activities once your project is complete can save you a lot of time and money in the interim.

Think Year-Round

Why move indoors when the temperature drops? With an outdoor kitchen, cocktail bar, pizza oven, and even heated entertainment structure, you and your family can spend quality time in your outdoor areas together all year long, so don’t limit your imagination when it comes to planning your project.

Get a Consultation

Going it alone is never a wise move when it comes to a home improvement project, especially one as valuable as an outdoor remodel. With decades of experience building beautiful and distinctive outdoor spaces for our clients, Urban Oasis LLC can provide expert planning, design, and construction for projects of any scale. For a complimentary one-hour consultation on your outdoor areas, contact Urban Oasis today!

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