Bellevue Residence Courtyard

Bellevue Residence Courtyard

This spacious bluestone patio has a modern feel that complements the home’s façade. The waterfall becomes the focal point of the space, following the existing topography until it terminates inside the courtyard. A new driveway allows for extra parking space with an eased turning radius, while new steps and a pathway adds pedestrian access from the street.

As the plants mature, they will screen this patio from the street, creating a natural looking backdrop for the water feature. The two-foot square bluestone pavers pick up the colors in the house and reinforce the modern architecture. The fount for the waterfall is a bubbling rock, creating a naturalistic beginning for the falls. Water from the naturalistic waterfall pours through the concrete seat walls at the patio and into a geometric pool within the bluestone paver grid.

Project Design Elements
Before and After

This large expanse of grass was rarely used and the driveway was difficult to navigate. The owners dreamed of an entry courtyard, a pedestrian path from the street, and a new, easier to navigate driveway to complement their newly renovated home. The design incorporates all three while using the existing slope to create a natural-looking waterfall that adds sound and motion to the yard.

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