Think Summer: 5 Outdoor Spaces to Plan For Now

Outdoor Living space with stone patio, counter tops and light installations
Jan 13 2017

Think Summer: 5 Outdoor Spaces to Plan For Now

In this weather, some people bundle up by the fireplace. Some people crank up the heat. Some people hibernate until Spring. At Urban Oasis, we have a simple prescription for the winter blues: We think summer. In a few months, you’ll be enjoying the outdoors in shorts while your winter coat sits in the back of your closet. This summer, you could also be barbecuing in an outdoor kitchen or hosting dinner parties on your new deck under the stars. If you want to leverage your outdoor space to its best abilities this summer, now is the time to start planning. Consider adding one of these outdoor spaces to make the most of your home this year.

For Parties and Gatherings of All Kinds: Spacious Outdoor Structures

Washington’s summers are hard to beat. When the sun is up until ten p.m., why not eat dinner outside? Outdoor structures increase your living space and enable you to enjoy the outdoors year-round at any time of the day. From cocktail parties, to casual dinners, having decks and other covered outdoor spaces give you an opportunity to maximize the space your space and add value to your home.

For the Fourth of July Barbecue: Stylish and Functional Outdoor Kitchens

For some chefs, a small barbecue will get the job done and one kitchen will suffice. To take your barbecues to the next level, outdoor kitchen units open up new options for all types of summer cookouts. These units are equipped with ample storage and plenty of counter space so chefs aren’t cramped and utensils are easily stored. These features can also be built with seating near the grill so the chef doesn’t have to miss out on the party while cooking.


For A Garden That Will Bloom Year-Round: Native and Ornamental Planting

A diverse garden can set your backyard apart. Native and ornamental planting can enhance your space and change the feel of your home. At Urban Oasis, we’ll work with you to figure out the best style for your property. Then, we’ll find just the right combination of plants – both evergreen and deciduous – so your garden will look fantastic all year long.

For Warmer Outdoor Spaces and Backyard Camping Trips: Fireplaces and Fire Pits

Outdoor structures can protect you from the elements year-round, but the outdoors can be cold even if you’re protected from rain, wind, and snow. When you add fireplaces and other heating elements to your outdoor spaces, you’re giving your home more square footage and more value because you can enjoy your deck or patio without being too cold. Our fire pits, fireplaces and propane heaters will warm up your space so you can use it all year long. This creates a great ambiance and all the more reason to be outside. Fire pits can also add to your outdoor aesthetics. With a variety of models and designs to choose from, whether you’re sitting around the fire with your family or roasting s’mores with the kids during a not-so-far-from-home campout, these elements will add ambience to your space and give your family another place to enjoy each other’s company.

For Subtle Touches with Big Impact: Elegant Water Features

From elegant fountains to natural waterfalls, water elements can bolster your backyard and other outdoor spaces. These features can make your city home feel far away by creating natural water sounds, drowning out traffic and other urban noises. With our variety of fountains from small recirculating urns to large waterfalls, the flow of water can add a natural, unique touch to any outdoor space and add value to your home.


We know it’s chilly out there now, but in a few months days will be longer and warmer.  You’ll be wanting to maximize your time outside as soon as the weather turns warmer.  From intricate gardens, to covered decks, to outdoor heating elements that will keep you warm year round, Urban Oasis can help you improve your outdoor space so you can make the most of it for years to come. In a few months, you could be barbecuing burgers in your outdoor kitchen and by this time next year you could be enjoying the snowfall while bundled up near your outdoor fireplace. We want to help you make the most of your outdoor space. Our books are filling up fast, so now is the time to give us a call. To learn more about our services or to start dreaming up your new outdoor space, visit our website or contact us today!

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