Why Outdoor Living Spaces Remain in High Demand

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Nov 25 2015

Why Outdoor Living Spaces Remain in High Demand

If you’re a homeowner with your finger on the pulse of the remodeling world, you’ve probably noticed the trend of outdoor constructions and remodels has gained momentum in the past few years. From elegant water features to complete outdoor kitchens, homeowners around the country are increasing their home’s value while enriching their enjoyment of their outdoor spaces with redesigned and implemented outdoor features, rooms, and decor. Although such elaborate outdoor designs have historically been considered a luxury, all signs point toward useful, beautiful outdoor features becoming a strong deciding factor when buying a home. Here’s why the demand for outdoor living spaces isn’t going away anytime soon:

1. Outdoor Furniture Sales Outpace All Other Furniture Sales

According to a recent report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, outdoor furniture sales are outpacing all other furniture sales throughout the country. This tells us two things: First, the demand for outdoor furniture is growing in conjunction with increased usefulness and utility in outdoor areas. Second, it’s clear that homeowners want to enjoy their outdoor areas in comfort and style rather than getting by with second-hand or shoddy outdoor gear.

2. 25% of Homeowners Plan to Remodel Their Outdoor Spaces

A 2014 survey of Houzz users states that almost one-quarter of homeowners plan to stay in their homes longer and would rather invest in an outdoor remodel rather than moving to a different property. Furthermore, the same respondents said that remodeling and reinvesting in their current home makes more economic sense to them, illustrating that homeowners understand the importance of increasing their home’s value.

3. New Technology Extends Your Outdoor Season

With outdoor entertainment centers, energy-efficient lighting, and durable outdoor kitchen appliances, it’s no wonder why more Americans are spending more time outdoors. Who can blame them? With such beautiful weather in the Pacific Northwest (especially during the warm summer months), it can be difficult to move indoors with such a welcoming environment outdoors. Compromising with an outdoor living space is clearly the ideal optionĀ for many homeowners.

4. Most New Homes Are Built with a Deck

Recent data from a Survey of Construction report states that over a quarter of new homes are built with a patio, porch, or deck. Furthermore, outdoor patios are included in 61% of new homes constructed in the Pacific Northwest and nearly 1/4 of those homes also have a connected deck. As more and more new homes come onto the market, it’s only a matter of time that older homes must retrofit to match building trends and add a deck or patio through a remodel.

5. Current Trends Blend Indoor and Outdoor Comfort

If current outdoor construction and remodel projects are to be taken as a coming norm, the difference between indoor and outdoor living spaces is getting narrower. The same or similar design styles and tendencies that have been long established indoors are slowly creeping into outdoor aesthetics as well. Both traditional and contemporary elements are becoming more interchangeable as the prevalence of functional outdoor spaces grows.

If you’re feeling discouraged by the changing seasons and want to extend the functionality of your home’s outdoor spaces, contact Urban Oasis. Our expert outdoor designers can help guide you through your outdoor remodel process and ensure your home stays functional and beautiful all year long. Give us a call today for a free one-hour consultation on your outdoor living space.

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