Winter Tips for Your Garden and Landscaping

Oct 31 2015

Winter Tips for Your Garden and Landscaping

As the season changes and your yard begins to transition, it may seem like a poor time to perform yard work and maintenance. While your yard isn’t in an active state right now, there are a many things you can do to prepare for Spring.

Trim Shrubs and Trees

Pruning and trimming perennial plants like peonies, daisies, various shrubs and hedges should all be pruned in preparation for winter. Evergreen trees should also be trimmed, ensuring that all dead and decayed branches are cut back and removed. If there are several large, heavy branches that have died, be sure to remove those to prevent them from becoming a hazard during winter storms.

Prune and Mulch

Your planting beds will need a little preparation before you put down mulch. Prune all perennials, shrubs, and trees in your planting beds, removing leaves and debris along the way. This is also a good opportunity to edge your flowerbeds and clean up with the lawnmower. You’ll want to plant any bulbs for plants in spring, so start thinking about how you want your flowerbeds to look early next year. Once you’ve planted your bulbs and cleaned out your planting beds, apply about two inches of mulch to protect your roots against harsh winter weather. Don’t mulch around the trunk of your shrubs or trees, however – mulch will sap moisture from them and could cause the trunk to rot.

Winterize Your Landscaping

Once you’ve mowed your lawn one last time, take some time to protect your plants from damage during the winter. Any unprotected planting beds should be covered with burlap to prevent excess runoff caused by heavy rains and loose branches should be tied up to keep them secure during high winds, rain, and snow. If a severe cold snap is on its way, be sure to cover and protect your sensitive, early-flowering plants. Once your plants are secure, go about your outdoor areas and ensure your irrigation has been winterized and that your gutters are ready for winter weather.

If your autumn chores have you feeling a little down about your home’s natural spaces, it might be a good time to speak with a landscape architect about a landscape makeover. Urban Oasis handles everything from plant selection to masonry and everything in between. Give us a call to discuss your project and take advantage of our complimentary one-hour consultation period today!  Fall is the perfect time to plan your project so that you can enjoy it in the Spring!

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